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Skipio - Tips To Boost Your Sales with Text

Sms App for Website
Hi Guys in This Articles I'm going to share with you about Skipio.

Our world revolves around on our phone and, more importantly, our
customer's world does too. The average person checks their phone
more than 150 times per day*. Calling, texting, emailing,
tweeting, facebook stalking (we don't judge), and texting some
more. Our phones allow us to communicate and connect with
others anytime, anywhere. And now, your phone is going to help
you own your market!

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In this fast-paced world, businesses must have the ability to connect
with their customers via mobile. You need Skipio to help you get
through to the customers who keep you in business.

1. How will "conversational
texting" help grow my business?
In other words, how is this going
to make you more money?

2. What is the best tool available
to me? Skipio will blow your
mind. Skipio have features you
didn’t know you were looking for.

3. How do I get started? How to
send your first message and why
you should expect incredible

The Tools that Skipio Allows to get Job Done

There us revenue sitting right below the surface of your company.
Skipio has the tools to help you break through to the money your
missing out on. Skipio is the best tool you will ever find for business
texting. We are not the only ones who think so.

CEO of Fluid
Marketing Phil Case said,

“Businesses can’t even come close to
accomplishing on their own what they can do with Skipio.” It will
take you far above and beyond your competition!

Skipio is texting the way it should be, two-way
communication allowing you to respond to your
customers, build trust, and build a relationship with

Skipio not only makes this type of
communication possible, it takes it a step further
with :

Skipio Conversational Texting: Skipio is texting the way it should be, two-way
communication allowing you to respond to your
customers, build trust, and build a relationship with
them. Skipio not only makes this type of
communication possible, it takes it a step further
with personalized messages.

Skipio API: Skipio offers a robust API, allowing you to
integrate with your current platform. We have all
the API documentation you could ever ask
for. Skipio plus your current CRM equals texting

Skipio  Pay: Skipio Pay allows you to bill your customers via
text messaging. A real payment machine!!!.
Imagine this....send a text and get paid. There is
nothing like this in the market. No calling, no
sending bills in the mail, and no more
headaches. Just you getting paid!

Skipio Campaigns And Keywords: Campaign and keywords are a series of automated
and scheduled messages.You might be out
fishing but, when you have your clients on a
campaign, Skipio will be working for you. Design
your own campaign or import a prebuilt campaign.

Skipio Voicemail Direct: Voice Direct allows you to record your own
voice message and send it to all
your clients voicemail inboxes with the push of a
button. Now you don’t have to call every single
customer. Just use Skipio Voicemail Direct!

Skipio Trackable Links:
Personalized Messaging
Skipio will alert you any time a customer clicks a
link you have sent them in a text. Every time a
customer clicks on a link, they are automatically
added to a new group for you to message. It's not
magic, it's a little bit of Skipio's secret sauce.

Skipio Personalized Messaging:
Auto-fill first name is expected. Skipio takes it a step
further and allows you to auto-fill custom fields into
your messages. Include personal information like
spouse's name, pet's name, for hundreds in the same
message. Customers feel like you are reaching out to
them personally one-to-one... because you are!

Believe it or Not, But this is real!!
Mobile is here to stay. It is not only important for you to
use mobile, but also your responsibility to use it in the right way.
Mobile phones are very personal to users and you don't want to
abuse this new power. Having the right tool will help you connect
with customers in the right way. By connecting and conversing
with customers personally through text messages, you actually
strengthen your trust and relationship with them. This in return
gives you higher repeat business and ultimately, more money in
the Bank

Lets Get Started Here


1. Texting is the most widely-used featured on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using
it at least once a day. (Pew Internet)

2. Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity.
(Pew Internet)

3. Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate. (Mobile
Marketing Watch)

4. Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate.

5. 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. (Connect Mogul)
6. Text messages are read on average in under five seconds. (SlickText)

7. Americans sent 69,000 texts every second in 2012. (CTIA)

8. The average adult spends a total of 23 hours a week texting. (USA Today)

9. On average, Americans exchange twice as many texts as they do calls. (Nielsen)

10. It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email, but only 90 seconds to
respond to a text message. (CTIA)

11. 79% of companies believe customers want SMS/text support. (ICMI)

12. A 2012 study found that text messaging was the highest rated contact method for
customer satisfaction out of all other customer communication channels. Texting earned
90 out of 100 points, while phone calls earned 77 out of 100. (CFI Group)

13. Over one-third of business professionals say they can’t go 10 minutes without
responding to a text. (eWeek)

14. Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a 40% higher rate than those
who are not sent any text messages. (Velocify)

15. Texting in the sales process can lead to conversion gains of more than 100%. However,
sending text messages before establishing contact with a prospect can adversely affect
both contact and conversion rates. (Velocify)

16. 44% of consumers would rather receive product details and other marketing messages
through texting than any other channel. (Direct Marketing Association)

17. 72% of business professionals prefer texting to messaging apps. (eWeek)

18. Nearly 70% of employees think their organization should use text messaging to
communicate with employees, and 86% say it should not be reserved just for customer
communication. (Vitiello Communications Group)

19. Over half of customers said they would be likely to text with a customer support agent.
Similarly, 52% would prefer texting customer support over their current preferred form of
communication. (eWeek)

20. Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day. (Forrester)

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Thanks!! Enjoy Boosting your Sales with a text

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How to easily create beautiful Emails using Aweber

Get Free Beautiful Aweber Emails Templates
Hi Folks, this Tutorials is all about choosing the Right Platforms of  Sending a large Numbers of Bulk Emails list With a Beautiful Emails Templates for Free.

There are a varieties of Bulk Emails Sending Platform you will find by Searching on some Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo , etc.

But we spend a Dollars with wasting our times by Searching a Good platform, But let me Recommend You to Choose a only World Wide Ranked Bulk Emails Sending Platform services named Aweber.

Aweber: Aweber is an online Email Marketing Services which has helped a Billions of Individuals to grow up there Business since 1998.

Aweber can generate 90% of sales for your Business by Allowing its features called Automation. 

Aweber Provides you free Beautiful Email sending Templates with Beautiful Landing Pages, Emails Subscribtions Forms, Pop Up Email Subscribers and RSS feed for your blog/Website.

You Can Test The Drive Here which is totally Free

Ready to grow your business with email?

Get a glimpse of how sending emails with AWeber can help you connect with customers and grow your business when you sign up for our behind-the-scenes email series.

You can Capture unlimited Emails Subscribers list and Allow Aweber to convert your Email Subscribers into Customers. 

To capture unlimited free E-mails List Subscribers form on your Blog/Website, Aweber allows you to Embed your own Beautiful Emails Subscriptions Form on your Blog or Website .

How to easily create Beautiful Emails Sending using Aweber : 

Creating Beautiful Email Sending Template is very Simple. By Following my simple tips you can able now create your beautiful Sending for free

First Go to

Create a New Account That's what Sign Up for 30 days trail Free, 

After that Import your Email Lists if you have owned or Just Create your new Beautiful Email Subscribers List Forms and just embed it on your Blogs or Websites with one clicks.

Embeding Aweber Emails Subscribers Form on Your blog or website means Converting your blog or Websites Views in customers. 

After That see the Result of Incoming New Subscribers.

And Atlast allow Aweber to Automate the Sending Newsletters.

You can also Make Schedule at your Own Time. And Aweber Will do the Rest.

Now Enjoying Sending Your Beautiful News Letter .

For any kinds of issue can share us your problem in the Comments Sections or You can Visit us Directly through our contact us page.

Thanks !!

Ready to grow your business with email?

Get a glimpse of how sending emails with AWeber can help you connect with customers and grow your business when you sign up for our behind-the-scenes email series.

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Best WordPress SEO Tips That You Should Not Neglect

Starting your own blog online on WordPress is too much easier and doesn't require any hard-to-learn technical skills but it's not that easier that you can just setup your blog and start getting traffic from Search Engines i.e Google, Bing and Ask etc.
WordPress SEO Tips

The hard-work behind starting a blog is the SEO-Practice. We're not going to talk about SEO in more details but SEO is the most important part of building a blog and a website and the fact about WordPress is that by default WordPress is not  built for SEO and so that means you cannot get the positive results until and unless you go deeper and configure the WordPress SEO.

If you're just a beginner then this post is for you because I'm about to share with you my Best WordPress SEO Tips for you that you should never neglect and which will help you skyrocket your WordPress blog ranking and so you would get positive response from Search Engines, too.

Best WordPress SEO Tips For Beginners

So with that in mind, let's jump right over.

SEO Tip 1: Always Sign UP for a Reliable Web Hosting

The very first SEO Tip that I always share with my students and those who follow me is Choosing the right hosting service because I have faced a lot of issues in the beginning of starting my own blog.

When I first started my blog with my local hosting provider, it was quite awesome in the first because I did not know the power of the Web Hosting Companies but as soon as I came to know about Web Hostings and their features and when I compared my Local Hosting Provider and those other Giant Hosting Services i.e Bluehost, WPX Hosting and HostGator, I got to know that I was using the worst hosting service ever and that was why my blog was not ranking in the Search Engines.

So I highly recommend you choose the Right Web Hosting for your WordPress blog. Recently I switched to WPX Hosting which is founded by Terry Kyle which offers WordPress Managed Hosting. Even though, I won't recommend it to Beginners and those who are on tight-budget.

However, it's worth-using when it comes to reliable hosting and the features you get for your WordPress blog. WPX Hosting offers its first month at 90% discount so you can get this WPX Hosting Discount and give a test-drive to WPX Hosting for the whole first month just for $2.95 only using a few WPX Hosting Coupon Codes that are available out there.

If you want to get started with cheap hostings then I'd recommend you to opt for companies like:
  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator
  3. SiteGround
  4. NameCheap

SEO Tip 2: Choose SEO-Optimized Theme

Once you have chosen the right hosting and installed WordPress on it, now it's time to choose the right theme for your blog. There out are countless Free & Premium themes available which are made while keeping all the SEO-Practices and users' experience in mind.

To choose the SEO-Optimized theme for your blog, I'd highly recommend you to purchase any premium theme or you can also go for the Frameworks such as Genesis Framework, Thrive Themes or you can find some free & premium but very SEO-Optimized themes on Mythemeshop as well.

SEO Tip 3: Configure Permalink/URL

One of the Google's ranking factors is choosing the SEO-Optimized Permalink and that's why I call it SEO Tip #1.

Initially when you setup WordPress on your Domain Name, the by default Permalink AKA URL is something like this but you have to change that to something that you think suits your requirements and also looks better both to Search Engines & Users.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to use short permalinks/urls for your blog posts & pages as it will help you a lot in your blog posts rankings.

SEO Tip 4: Configure Basics of WordPress

This Essential WordPress SEO Tip is really important to implement because when you initially setup WordPress, it comes with some kind of demo Title, Description, Tags & other stuff so what you need to do is:
  • Delete Demo Pages, categories, tags, posts etc
  • Remove by default Title, Description, Tags and add your own SEO-Rich Title, Description and other stuff.
  • Fill-in your Profile (Author Profile)
  • And also don't forget to take a look at your WordPress Basic Settings that whether they are configured or not.

SEO Tip 5: Install SEO Plugins

WordPress is not SEO-Optimized initially but you can do make it SEO-Optimized by installing some SEO Plugins that are available out there. I have been using Yoast SEO which is the most powerful SEO Plugin but MyThemeShop has developed another SEO Plugin called Rank Math and after going through their reviews, I think you should also take a look at the Rank Math plugin.

If you don't want to install both of them, then you can give a try to All In One SEO Pack.

SEO Tip 6: Make XML Sitemap

Making an XML Sitemap for your blog is very important because it lets Search Engines know what you offer on your site and what gets updated on your blog. When you have enabled XML Sitemap for your blog and added it to your blog in any place i.e Homepage, in Menu or anywhere else, Google crawls it and if you have posted something new which Google has not yet indexed, the Google Spiders will crawl those not-indexed pages & urls and will include into their Indexed list.

So it's always important for you to create XML Sitemap for your blog and include it anywhere on your blog.

SEO Tip 7: Reduce Page Loading Time

The last but not the least, Reducing your blog page loading time is very important. If you don't know whether your blog is loading fast or not then you must check your blog using any Page Speed Test Checker such as Google Speed Checker, GTMetrix or Pingdom tools.

If your blog is loading too slow then you must reduce your blog page loading time by implementing the following tips:
  • Removing unused themes & plugins.
  • Optimizing your Media i.e Images (install WP Smush to optimize your images).
  • Installing Plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Optimize etc.


These were the most important tips that you can go through and implement on your blog to do the SEO of your WordPress blog and increase its Ranking in the Search Engines and get more visitors & thus more sales.

Please do let us know what you think.

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Getresponse Review 2018 The Best free Email sender tools

In this Articles I'm going to share with you a Best Review of Getresponse with its Pricing and with its beautiful features.  Anyway Getresponse is a free services for sending free Bulk Emails to your Mailing Lists.

Let me Review about Getresponse In fully details:

Meaning of GetResponse

GetResponse is an online Free Bulk Email sending Services with Entire web based promoting arrangement.

It gives turnkey bulletin distributing and facilitating highlights, and in addition boundless follow-up autoresponders, presentation pages, online courses, advertising robotization, and CRM to convey data to your contacts and change over them to paying clients.

Through capable and completely robotized list cleanliness, against spam rehearses, and set up associations with significant Internet specialist co-ops and email specialist organizations.

GetResponse prides itself on the most noteworthy conceivable email deliverability to guarantee that your messages break through to your imminent clients.

The stage conveys more than 5 billion messages every year in 172 nations. GetResponse is completely versatile and fit for taking care of both little and expansive records (1+ million supporters).

Start Sending Free Bulk Emails Now

Short Highlights of GetResponse

- Over 100,000 dynamic Active records

- 30-days free preliminary Account

- Deliverability of up to 68% higher than our rivals

- Unlimited messages

- Powerful, programmed message personalization

- Smart following highlights

Start Using GetResponse Now

The Benefits of Choosing GetResponse

- Catches lost deals and shocks your leads into beneficial activity

- Boosts your lead age and business-building comes about

- Chops away monotonous and dreary email promoting errands

When you agree to accept a record with GetResponse, you will be upheld at all times brilliant client support and materials (setting help, client aides, FAQs, and video instructional exercises).

You will profit by industry-driving email deliverability which GetResponse reliably keeps up through their strong associations with ISPs, proactive conveyance activities, and solid hostile to spam responsibility.

Attempt GetResponse today and discover how you can right away get substantial, quantifiable outcomes without squandering your chance or contributing a ton of cash.

 Sign Up Now to GetResponse

Features of GetResponse

The Features of GetResponse is a List Building Program is an exhaustive email advertising course that spreads all that you have to know to develop your rundown by up to 10,000 endorsers in as meager as 90 days.

Presently advertisers can amplify their email showcasing endeavors by exploiting this free program and upgrading their rundowns with new, connected with supporters.

 The rundown building program, utilized with GetResponse email advertising instruments, is the total showcasing arrangement.

Advertisers are furnished with the know-how and important devices to dispatch a complete and viable email promoting effort.

The course is one of a kind to GetResponse and made solely for GetResponse clients; both free preliminary and genius accounts that have under 10,000 endorsers.

Clients may look over two program plans: the 90-day quick track and the 180-day standard program. Every session comprises of a video instructional exercise, introduction, and an article.

The individuals who finish the program and get no less than 1,000 new supporters will get a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance.

More insights about the course might be found here: Get Started Here

Plans and Pricing of GetResponse

1. Pay As you Go plans

- List Size 1,000
- Free For 1 Months Trails
- Autoresponders
- Landing Pages
- Marketing Automations
- Works Flows
- Tags
- With 1 Users
- Price $15

 Start your Free 30 days Trails Now

2. Pro Plans

- List Size 5,000
- Autoresponders
- Landing Pages(Advance)
- Webinars 100 Attendees
- Workflows
- Tags
- Scoring
- Adandoned Cart
- Web Events Tracking
- Automation Segmentation
- 3 Users
- Free CRM
- E-commerce
- Price $49/ Months

Start your 30 Days free Trails Now

3. Max Plans

- List size 10,000
- All Pro Features
- Custom DKIM
- Campaign Consulting
- Webinars 500 Attendees
- 5 Users
- Price $165/Months

Start your free Trails Now

4. Enterprises Plans

- List Size 100,000
- All Max Features Plans
- Account Manager
- Dedicated Infrastructure
- Dedicated IP Address
- Max Mailout Performance
- Deliverability Consulting
- 10 Users
- Price $1,199/Months

 Sign Up Now for 30 Days Trails Free

Full Tutorials on How to Use GetResponse, Watch out the Videos

Hope you love this Service, For any issues drop us your problems in the Comments Box.

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Quora Tricks- How to drive more traffic on your Blog through Quora

In this articles I will show you how to Get More real Traffic to your blog for free through Quora.

 A free Cheat sheat on driving more traffic to your Blog or website through Quora, without spending a dollar on ads is a Great Idea.

I was the guy who spended more Dollar on ads to get more traffic for my Blog. It was all about wasting Dollars on advertising about my blog.

Advertising your Blog is not a bad Idea but as a freebie, during my student life I can't even afford to spend a dollar to Advertise my Blog, but anyhow I could adjust some Dollars by sometimes forcing my Parents to pay for my blog promtion.

But Coming across to a Site called Quora a questions and Answers Sharing platform, has started sending me a Real Organic views to my Blog and that was my stoppage of spending Dollars to Advertise for my blog

How did I found the word Quora: It was my dream to create my own Website and earn some Dollars from it. So I kept hunting by googling the results.

I hardly Remembered my first Keywords get typed in Google was "How to Create a free Website and Make Money" After that on the Google First top list I found the Word "Quora". Google Showed me on his first page only about Quora on that.

See in the Pictures below:

At first I thought Quora is a online Website Builders but I was wrong after Viewing it. Then I came across to know that Quora is a Questions And Answers Discussion community platform. I found Many Writers teaching about creating a free Website and Blog and with many Different Topics

And after that I was Addicted to Quora by daily Learning new topics from Quora. And then I also Starter some topics like asking questions and also giving Answers. You can find my articles written on Quora Here Click Here to See

Short Brief about Quora before Getting Started.

Quora can be called as Social Media Network, in which it has build with beautiful features like, Tagging, Following others,  with Upvote and downvote and also with Commentings threads.

In Quora you can Upload your own Pictures with great looking Bio-data. There you will also have a tons of more features like posting and sharing your post on another Social Media Network, Quora users can Also post anonymously with showing there real Identity.

Steps to Get Real More Traffic On your blog, Follow my steps here.

First Create a New Account.

Second Search for a topic you love to Answer.

After getting your topic, Post your Answers there by pasting your blog URL or your Affiliates Link's.

Finally now check your blog Traffic after a few hours or after days .

That's it.

Hope you love it. For any issues just Drop your problem in our comment Box.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

How to Integrate free Live Chat Bot into Websites to increase sales

Do you ever thought of Increasing your per day income? Yes we do it and we love to do it too. If you want to increase your slow sales notification into 3x Earnings in the Internet world then you are in the right post.

In this articles I'm going to show you "How to integrate a beautiful Live Chat Bot into your website to maximize More sales".

Adding Live Chat Bot in your website will boost your sales in high motion while you are off for a months or a year, just with a one click what we have to do is, we have to just inform to Live Chat Bot about your products or any affiliates referrals links.
Which is very easy to do it, Embedding Live Chat Bot on your website will not only allows you to increase your sales but Live Chat Bot will also Increase your Leads datas from your website visitors, you can even collect feedback suggestions  with surveys forms by Adding Live Chat Bot.

To add a Beautiful Live Chat Bot in your website you will have to use one of the powerful online web services named Collect.Chat. Let me Little brief you about this online Web powerful services: Collect Chat is a simple drag and drop tools to customize more beautiful questions and answers.

Collect Chat will allows you to enable dozen of it's beautiful templates forms to collect More Leads, More Suggestions Feedback, More Calls , More Sales. Collect Chat will work inside your website without redirecting your users to another taps.

Support Platform: Blogger, WordPress, Shopify, And any other  websites.

Services Cost: Collect Chat Bot is absolutely free forever.

Features Demo: You Can check the demo below already embedded.

How To add Live Chat Bot into your Website: By Following my simple steps by Step Methods, you can able to integrate a beautiful Live Chat Bot into your Website.


1. You need to have your own website, 
2. Some Basic knowledge of Browsing Internet.

Let's Start------

First Go to And Sign Up to Create a New Account, 

After Creating Then you will be ask to Confirm your Email Address. 

Got to your Email Inbox then Open it and click on confirm.

After that you will be redirected to your Collect Chat Dashboard for Customizing your Live Chat Bot.

Customize The Design of your Live Chat Bot at your own  Choice desired.

See The Dashboard in the given Pictures below:

After Designing your Live Chat Bot Click on Publish, Then you will be asked a permission to choose what kind of Format you want see in your Website. 

Choose The First option "Widgets Installation" then click on it, you will the code to paste it on your Website. Choose the Option and copy the Code and paste it to your Website.

See short details shown in the picture

Just Refresh your Website and see the Magic. 

You have successfully integrated Live Chat Bot on your Website

For any Issues just Drop to us your problem in the Comments Box Below!!


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Free Quickest & Easiest Way To Make $500 Per Day Online

Proven Tricks to Make Money
Online for Free, No Investment
The Ultimate Ways to earn money online while sleeping is everyone desired Like I do Make Online Creating cash While Sleeping.

But Many used to get failed because of not finding any proper Tutorials on Generating Online Money. I will tell you There are various ways on Making Money online. 

I will show you Every hidden Secrets of making Money Online for free. Seriously saying if you wanted to Earn Money Online while sleeping, then you are in the right Post. 

In this articles whatever steps of tricks we are going to show you are already tested and been proven and have still helping my blog Subscribers and Viewers in globally on Making $500 Per Day for free.


In order to become a successful Online Entrepreneur of making $500 Per Day, is a very simple method and is really very fun on Enjoying of getting Cash Notification on your Wake-up.

I'm sure after following my each steps on the Topic of "How to Make Money Online without any Investment" I will give you 100% guarantee of Getting Cash Notification Every Day when you Wake up.

Let's Start--- the Process of Generating Money Online.

1. The first Start up of the Planning Day of Doing:

You wiill have to Create a Blog Name like which your identity for coming up in Internet World on introducing about yourself on your blog to let Internet surfers knows about you and your blog Names.

Creating a blog is Very Simple, you don't required any Coding Programming Knowledge. Which is a very simple of Creating a Blog.

I will show you "How to Create your New Blog"

First Go to Bluehost Web Hosting Create a New Account then choose your Website or blog Domain Name like,,,, etc.

Bluehost gives you free 3 Domains Names with free Professional Email Address like, they only charge you a small amount $2.59 for Hosting feee. And That the Service is Absolutely free for the Start Up.

Okay After Getting your own blog or Website name ( then you will be asked to Choose your Bloggings Platforms. I recommend to Choose WordPress, then click on Install WordPress inside your Bluehost Dashboard.

After All that, Your Blog or Website is now Successful online and Ready to get Published for the Global Online Audience.

       Happy Bloggings!!!

2. 90 Billions Peoples Per Day on an average search there Query or solution from the Internet: 
Entireweb SEO Service
Yes it's true internet is playing a very vital role in helping Billions of people in finding there solution solved by staying from home or from anywhere in the world, which have own Billions of Hearts.

How peoples get there Solution solved on the Internet. They search on there favorite Search Engines Machines. There are Mandatory to have a Search Engines on the Internet. And We all knows This Giant Name Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, MSN, Askme, etc. which gives the instant Response.

So we all Have to do is to submit your blog name to the following Search Engine to get them Notify About your Blog name or your website Names which means you have to Indexed your blog URL or Websites URL to those Search Engines.

Now "How to Indexed your Blog URL to Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Yandex etc. for free?

Go to Free Web Submission tools and Create you New Account and Drop your Blog Name or Website URL there and click on submit.

Free Web Submission is Absolutely free and it will submit your blog URL for free to the following Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Yandex, MSN Searche Engine Machine Instantly.

Now this part is Over and you have finally Submitted your Blog URL or Websites URL to get Visible on Search Engines.

Entireweb SEO Service

3. Writing a good Articles and publishings to share there knowledgeable Articles to the global Online Audience:

Now it's time to Create a New post to show you own hidden talent speech by online, you can also upload Videos on your blog or through Youtube by embeding it on your blog which is 100% freedom Free.

"How to Get a New Topics for your Blog Post"

Secrets Tricks: Check Trendings Keywords statistics Like typing Example: Screw Driver, Washing Machine, T-shirt, Shoes, etc.

You can Find the Real Trendings data Here at Longtail Pro by creating a new Account. You can use Longtail Pro service Free for 1 weeks without any forces of payment bill.

Now After finding your desired Trendings Keywords, Go to Title Generators which absolutely free, Now any Hidden Charges or nothing to Sign Up.

Just Enter your desired keywords you found before and hit Generate. Thats All.

That was all about topic Generator, Now here comes about Describing about the Topic you have Generated.

Start Explaining about the Topic to at least up to 400-450 Words. If you wants your Articles to be in professional reading Words.

You can Rewrite it from here Named Wordai free for 7 days. This Service will help you in getting unique Articles for Ranking in Google First Page.

4. Getting in touch with blog Visitors will increased in Growing sales and will doubled the Earnings income:

Yes, it's true you need to have to know about your blog visitors info and its very important to add Subscriptions Forms for Sending Promotional Emails Like Selling your products or any kinds of Affiliates Marketing Links and RSS Feeds directly to there Emails Inbox. I mean to say convert your Visitors into Subscribers and Make them as your blog family.

How to Create a Blog Visitors Subscriptions Forms.

Its is very easy, just Sign Up from here Named- GetResponse and Create Unlimited Subscriptions Forms Box with unlimited Landing pages. I will recommend Creating Pop Up Subscriptions Forms.

GetResponse will allows you to send unlimited Promotional emails free for 30 days.

You can cancel at anytime.

5. Allowing Live chat for blog Visitors:

Enabling live chat on your blog is a good idea for helping your Audience remain on your blog asking for queries or any other related topics or questions.

To get Live Chat for your Blog for free, you can click here Jivo Chat and sign up for free and Embed there code on your blog for free.

Jivo Chat is a free live chat which is supported on any Blogging Platform

6. Sell products or any Affiliates Marketing Links with Monetizing Ads:

VigLink banner

Now during posting any articles on your blog you can explain about your products which will instead get Targeted for sale.

If you didn't owned any Products for yourself. Then you can start selling Affiliates Link's of any variety of products or services.

Sign Up here all in one Affiliates Marketing Products and Service.

In Viglink you will get Amazon Products, eBay products any many Much more services are available.

Now Monetizing cash from your Blog when your blog readers visits on your blog, you will be paid on Per Views.

To enable this service you will need to Create Adsense account from here Google AdSense

And add AdSense code on your blog and see the income Earnings Results.

Note: By Signing up for Google AdSense Account, you blog must meet the requirements. Read its Terms and Conditions properly.
There are also most high Paying Alternative to AdSense. You can check HereList of High Paying sites Alternative to AdSense Sites

VigLink banner

6. Promoting blogs for high Ranking and making viral on the global for instead Earnings and growing more Leads:

You will Gain More Views and More Sales with Unique Leads to High Earnings per day.

Points to be noted:  You must have a following Social Network Accounts under the name of your blog name. Suppose your blog name is XYZ. Then you must have to create the same social account username.

The following Social Network Accounts:

Facebook: Create a Facebook Page, Join Groups, to share your blog URL.

Twitter: Create twitter Account and keep tweeting by seeing on its trends.

WhatsApp: Share your blog URL.

Instagram: Create your blog name Account and start sharing photos of your blog with Hashtag

Pinterest: Create your blog name Account and share your Arts

Youtube: Create your blog name Channel and start uploading video about your products.

You Directly Promote your Blog from Here  too Overcafe Flow which is a very Cheap rather then others Ads Network Platforms.

Overcafe Flows is only a affordable Ads Network Platforms which anyone afford. This may ranked your blog on Top of any Search First Page.

Happy Earnings!! Good Day

For any issues, you can share your problems in the comments box.

Monday, 4 June 2018

How to Download Facebook Videos

All about Downloading any
Facebook Videos for free, this
Tutorials will guide You how to
Download facebook videos.

facebook allows download option for Downloading videos?

.  No Facebook is highly Secured and highly encrypted Social network in these earth.

Facebook is the Giant of Every social Network of this planet with 1k Billions of Viewers per day, and gained 1k Millions of New Users per day.


has been continuously keep helping to its users to stay connected with there friends, family or with there love ones.

Facebook also allow Options to its users to maintain there own privacy secured like sharing there thoughts in privates, public or with Friends only.

Facebook Users can choose there  own desired option and post it on there behalf. 

So coming to this Topics: "

How to Download facebook videos

"  I'm going to show you steps by steps on Downloading Facebook Any videos for free.

As I said before facebook is highly Secured which never allows download option for its users.

But following my simple Steps you can

download any Facebook videos anonymously online without any help of software or any other applications.

Let's Start---

First Login to your account.

Note: Login to Facebook using only Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox Browsers for getting seen you desired Facebook post videos URL.

Second choose the desired post or pages Video of any of your friends or pages Video which has been shared on the facebook.

Click on the videos Tittles and then you look up to your browser search bars. 

You will see the url in This Format

Copy that links, then Go to then paste the link you have copied earlier. See in the pictures.

Then hit on download option after that you Will find the videos qualities to Choose. Then choose your own desired videos qualities there. Then Click on it. See in the pictures

After that, that videos will start getting download.


Downloading Facebook Live Videos, you cannot download during when it's shows Live.

Wait for the Live Videos till gets  End. Then you will start
Downloading Facebook Lives Videos  too.

Congratulations you have finally learnt to

Download facebook videos online without any use of software or any application

Thanks For Reading !!

Monday, 28 May 2018

Download Youtube Videos for free

Download Youtube any videos
without any
Installing Applications Or
any software for free.
In this articles you are going to see on How to

Download Youtube videos for free without installing any software or Mobile Application.

And Also to

Convert YouTube videos to Mp3 online for free.


YouTube videos you are going to Download will be Anonymous,

means without letting to know the Videos owners.

Here there are still many Application and Software is still available but Many Peoples they don't have enough space on there devices to install those Applications.

You can, if you wanted to install those Applications you can search for Tubemate, Youtube Downloaders, etc.

But this articles are for those Legends Who wanted to

Download Youtube Videos through Web based Service, means Downloading YouTube videos without installing any Application or any software

which will be absolutely for free.

Youtube to its new version it allow its users for Downloading YouTube videos but the videos remains in the YouTube Application Insides which means its get saved on its Server with a limit validity.

By following my simple Steps by Steps Tutorials you can able to Download Youtube videos and YouTube videos to Mp3 without installing any Application or Software.

1. To

Download Youtube videos only.</>

First go to
And search your favorite songs there.

Then Copy your favourite YouTube Videos URL Links from there. You will find there by clicking on share button and in the search bars.

Then go to

Then Paste your YouTube videos URL in it, which you have copied earlier.
(See in the pictures)

And after that Click on that Green Colour Download Button. After that the  page will gets  load in immediately. After that you will be asked to choose which format or sizes you would love to download the videos with M.b sizes. (See in the pictures below)

Then choose your desired sizes and Hit on download button. After that the videos will be automatically downloaded.

Now Successfully you have Downloaded the

YouTube videos.

That's was for

Downloadings YouTube Videos Only.


2. To

Convert YouTube Videos To Mp3.

Go to same URL or go directly from here Convert YouTube videos to Mp3

Then paste the YouTube videos URL there, and you will be seen automatically the videos are been converted and ready to download. (See in the pictures)

You can also select your own kbps and then hit on download.

Congratulations you have successfully download youtube videos to mp3.

Conclusion: You can also be able to

download Youtube private videos too.

That's it.

For any issues drop us your issue in the Comments below

Friday, 25 May 2018

How to install Custom Blogger Templates

This articles will show you a complete guide on "

How to install Custom Blogger Templates to Blogger Blogspot For Free


Blogger Do allow it's own ready made themes for its users for free. But its not enough, we love to host our own custom design theme on Our blog Were its looks more beautiful on attractive design.

So, Blogger Blogspot also allow its users to install there own custom themes to Customize in there own Desired Design.

In this article will be showing you steps by steps guide on installing Blogger Custom themes for free

Once Blogger too announce that blog without SEO Mobile Friendly will not be accepted to get crawled on search engines.

And we do accept Blogger Terms and Conditions,

So installing Blogger Custom themes to blogger blog is very Simple

Let Start---

Note: When your have downloaded a blogger templates from different sites, you may have received in this Format mostly like Zip, Rar and Tar.

Extract the Files to XML Format, you will see XML after Extracting.
(Show in the pictures)

Now follow this following steps of Installing Blogger Customs themes.

First Login to your Blogger Dashboard.

Move your Mouse cursor on the left Side to see the Word "Themes"  Click on it, (See in the pictures)

After clicking on the themes, you will be redirected to setups custom Themes Editors page. Just see up, there you will find Backups/Restore options. (Shown in the pictures).

Then click on Backups/Restore options, after clicking on Backup/Restore options, there a Pop up screen will appear in it. (See in the pictures)

After that on it, there you will find the option "Choose File", then Click on it.

After when click, your documents location on your pc will be appear where you have kept the file. 

Now select your XML Format themes files there, which you have extracted from Zip file, or Rar file, or Tar files.

Only Select this Format yourthemes.xml (Show in the pictures).

Repeated Pictures

After that click on upload options, you will  be able to successfully uploaded.

After every task done Now Refresh your blog.

You  have successfully changes your Blogspot design.

For any related issues drop us your issue in the comments below.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Blogger is allowing https on Custom Domain Names

Blogger has released it's 

Latest updated. 

Now a blogger User with

 Custom Domain Names can 

have there free https support.

Blogger is allowing to enable https on Custom Domain Names to Make your Blogger Blogs to be more secured.

The steps by steps guide has been shown on how to enable https on your customs Domain Names.

Blogger is a free online Dairy. Namely known as blogs. Blogger is a free Google based online Open web services, in which any one can freely express there expression online for free. Blogger do also allow to monetize there blog, where any named as Bloggers can earn there revenue from there speech. Much many interesting features has also enabled.

Creating a blog on Blogger is to  be staying secured of being get hacked.

There was the time were blogger only allowed https for it's Sub-domain users like to get enabled. 

And for custom domain names holders like they have to get enabled from there TLDs service providers.

Why to get enabled https on your blogs:

It is most important for every website owner or Bloggers to stay secured from the hackers. Enabling https on your Blog or website means your Blog or website is trustful and highly secured on the internet.

Whenever a users get access to your Blog or website, then there data are encrypted secured from being get hacked. This let to stay free from the hackers.

Now blogger has also updated it's latest features for enabling https on any Custom Domain Names Holders to stay secured from being hacked.

I found a notification to enable https on my blogger Dashboard to enable https on my custom Domain Names. (See in the pictures).

Pic: Raaz Web City™

Hope you you all have found this notification on your Blogger Dasbhoard.

Now it's time to secured your blog from being hacked. Lets start to enable your https in your custom Domain Names.

By following my simple steps-by-Steps Tutorials you can able to enable https on your custom Domain Names.

First Go to your Blogger Dasbhoard

Click on Settings then click on Basis
After that scroll down little, and then you will see like this (see in the pictures) on https option Click on No to Make it Yes.

Pic: Raaz Web City™
And after that you Click on Save Changes.

Learn Also: 1.How to create a Free Profitable Blog
                       2. High Paying Sites Alternative To Google Adsense
                       3. List of Free Cheap Domains Names

Finally Your blog is fully encrypted and Secured.

Conclusion: I have tried my best to write for you.

Thanks for Reading. Hope it may helps You.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Twitter to stop Supporting on Xbox Roku and Android TV

Twitter will stop Supporting on
 Twitter for Roku, Twitter for Android 
TV and Twitter for Xbox.

A Giant Twitter Social networking platform Services is going to stop working on the coming 24th may to the following Devices as follows:

* Twitter for Roku
* Twitter for Android TV and
* Twitter for Xbox

For More details See the official Tweets Of Twitters .

Here they have officially tweeted

Just like how twitter was not available on Amazon TV and Apple TV.

But Twitter do will be working in both Desktop and Mobile Devices. You can check Twitter has also releases for Mobile Users Lite Version.

Keep claims for our next Updates

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